Nike Cross Nationals Days 2-3

Welcome to days 2-3 of Nike Cross Nationals. The last day is by far my favorite because the first 2 days all of the athletes are low-key sizing everybody up for the race. On the last day, we race, party and relax. It was an absolutely incredible experience getting to know all the great kids their. It was also insanely cool too see my boy Aidan Troutner take the dub on the race.

The highlight of these 2 days was the race itself. I finished 22nd and finished 1 spot off of all American. I felt like I definitely could have raced smarter and better, but it is all part of the learning experience. The race was incredible because it was being broadcasted live, good music was playing, and the course was absolutely beautiful. Many of my regular and extended family had travelled down to see the race, so it was awesome to see them and feel their support as well.

The worst part of the entire trip was FOR SURE the last few hours leading up to race. Normally, I am just messing around and hanging with my team a few hours before my race. However, at NXN, I was just laying on the ground with a bunch of famous high school runners that I hardly knew. My nerves were out of this world. I was sooo nervous and didn’t even know what to do with myself. Thank you for watching! It would mean the world if you like and subscribe as well as leaving a comment below. Thank you!

Day #1 VLOG:
Race Video:

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