Eat and Run

Yes, THE HAIRDRYER IS A JOKE. haha, my dad saw this video and just about died because of the hairdryer scene. This was a pretty different video than I have normally done. I believe that it is the closest yet to a true vlog. I basically take you all through a day in my fall break which consisted off tennis matches, FOOD, a team party, XC practice, and shows me get roasted about my homework way too many times. My favorite part of the vlog has to be the interviews that are about halfway through the video. Comment “GOLDFISH” if you agree with my boy, AJ.

Breakfast: Energy bowls are by far my favorite thing to have for breakfast. They are LOADED with nutrition and super delicious. Basically, I just throw a mix of fresh and frozen fruit in a blender and then pour it on top of either granola or oats for a DANK breakfast. If you have any good smoothie or energy bowl ideas, I would love to hear it in the comments!

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