This week I decided to do something different on the YouTube channel. I did my very first feature. I absolutely loved doing this because I got to learn from and better get to know Dylan Mcknight. It was also fun! We decided to take the trampoline down to Chatfield Reservoir and film and interview along with some awesome flips. The other cool thing was that we were the only ones there. Probably because it was low 40 degree weather at best. Comment who you think I should feature next.

The reason I decided to interview Dylan was because he his different. He does homeschool so that he can have the time and freedom to carry out his passions. He is incredible at parkour and flipping. He has used this talent to grow a following on Instagram and to create a successful YouTube channel. He even has his own apparel company IMPULSE. It would mean the world if you could give this video a like, comment, and SUBSCRIBE to the channel.

Go checkout his video:

Dylan’s Channel:

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