Highschool Cross Country Training

My high school XC team is currently the #2 XC team in the state of Colorado. The team has become like a second family to me and we have worked our butts off all year to achieve our goals. I’m so grateful for these guys who push me every single day to be my best self. This video shows a workout our team did and walks you through our warmup, training strategies, and the purpose behind it all. The Workout was: 200m:30 | 400m:62 | 600m:1:43 | 800m: 2:17 |800m:2:17 | 600m:1:42 | 400m:63 | 200m:28 | 200m:28 | 200m:28

The best way to become a good athlete in any sport is to pay attention to the details. When its get hard, you have to thrive. Where most people are cutting corners, you need to go the extra mile. My team has had a focus on the little things all year and it has paid off tremendously. Give your all in workouts and make sure that it isn’t possible for anybody to outwork you. Leave a Reply in Chatbox: What detail are you going to start giving your all to?

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