How to Get in the Zone

This video shows me running the #1 sophomore 5k in America at the Liberty Bell Invitational. This race consisted of some of the best runners in the state of Colorado. The video shows you what I do to prepare for my races mentally and physically. It also shows some behind the scenes footage of my team and our reaction to beating the #1 school in the state for the first time in school history. Here are 3 quick tips that I use before every race to run my best.

TIP #1: MEDITATE/ Pre-race nerves are the absolute worst. Before every race, there is so much pressure on every athlete and it can tear you apart as well as hurt your performance. Meditation helps me to get rid of those nerves and focus my mind on the task at hand. To meditate, sit criss-cross and close your eyes. Let your mind go blank and breath in for 5 seconds and then out for 8. Repeat this cycle for 3 minutes. There are so many benefits to meditation, I HIGHLY recommend.

TIP #2: POWER POSE/ If you have not seen Amy Cuddy’s TED talk about the Power Pose, look it up because it is incredible. The basis of her talk is that your actions are affected by your posture and nonverbal cues. Before every race, I do the Power Pose (Confident Postures) for at least 5 minutes to make me more confident.

TIP #3: VISUALIZATION/ Every Olympian knows that visualization is a huge key to maximizing performance. Whatever your goal is, visual it vividly every day and it will become a reality. Put in the work, visualize your goals, and your mind will make up the difference.

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