My Trip to Japan

Japan was absolutely incredible! My little sister Madeline and I have an amazing friend named Ammon who moved to Nagoya Japan about a year and a half ago. This kid is one of the coolest, most inspiring people I know and we had to visit him and his awesome family. Flying across the world just by ourselves was definitely an adventure, but one I will never forget.

Sorry this video took so long! My computer literally crashed 4 times while making it. Some of my favorite things that we did there were going to the Onsen (public bath house) eating all the food, and experiencing the culture through exploring the city and riding the train place to place. The Japanese people are some of the most kind people I have ever met and it was amazing to see the way the way the live there life. Maybe the weirdest thing about Japan for me were the roads. The roads were TINY. We drove on roads that our car was inches away from a wall on both sides, but somehow it was a 2 way road. All of the cars there drive on the left side of the road and are super skinny to fit on the roads. Everything is smaller in Japan. I hope you guys like the video! Comment any questions you have!

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