Optimize Your Life

We spend so much time working on becoming more physically fit, but often forget the importance of training the mind. The mind controls every aspect of your life and is just as important if not more important to train than the body. Here are 3 quick tips to optimizing your brain function.

TIP #1: MEDITATE/ On average, humans have 40k-60k thoughts, make 35k decisions, and see over 6k ads every single day. Our minds are drowning in information and hecticness. This sea of hecticness has been proven to cause unhappiness. Meditation is the key to a healthier, less hectic mind. How to Meditate: Sit criss-cross applesauce and let your mind go blank. Then, set a timer for at least 3 minutes and breathe in for 5 seconds, out for 8 seconds. Or, if you would like to try a guided meditation, download the headspace app from the app store.

TIP #2: VISUALIZE/ Michael Phelps is the most decorated Olympian of all time and possibly the best athlete to ever walk this earth. What did he do differently? He spent 2 full hours mentally rehearsing his swims every morning. He would visualize every aspect of his Olympic domination. He could taste the water, smell the chlorine, hear the crowd, and feel the weight of the gold medal around his neck. Visualize your goals and they can become a reality.

TIP #3: EXERCISE/ No matter how much you may or may not exercise, this step is crucial to optimizing your brain power for the day. I usually just do 25 pushups and maybe throw in some pull-ups. This step helps you to feel good throughout the day and gets your brain pumping.

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