My Weird Education: COLLEGE STUDENT AT 14

COME TO A DAY OF COLLEGE WITH ME: When I was in 6th grade I unenrolled from public school to do online school. I originally did this so that I could have more time to improve as a basketball and start my own business. After about 2 years of online school, I tested into college and have been working on my associate’s degree ever since. I still compete in high school sports, but will never have a high school diploma. The plan is to get my associates degree before I would normally be done with high school and then transfer to a University to finish out my education.

The way that I do my education comes with lots of challenges, but I have loved it! Hackin the system has worked out phenomenally so far! I don’t think this way of education is for everyone, but it has allowed me more time to do the things I love and explore my passions. The hardest thing about going to college as a 16 year old kid is that I don’t get to go to school with people my age. I am more than happy to answer any questions about it in the comments!!

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